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Baumeister Golf Outing 2019: We Remember so We Give

Ryan Kennett ('04) with Tom and Madge Baumeister

On a sunny Friday afternoon, nearly 80 people gathered at the Westover Golf Course to reminisce and give thanks. We remembered Jordan - mourning his absence on the course that day but giving thanks to the greatness he still inspires. Many of the "golfers" (for we must always use quotations when wrestlers hack up the course) were teammates and classmates of Jordan, and their presence at the golf outing speaks to the legacy he left behind and why we work to remember him.

Ianny Dimitrov ('05)

Many of us, myself included, never got to meet Jordan, but on days like this we remember our own Jordans: the coaches, the teammates, the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who held us to a higher standard by their constant striving to be their best selves.

So we spent that day giving thanks to all those mentors who opened up doors for us to grow. Jordan earned an opportunity to attend Haverford, and he made the most of it. Many of us earned or were given opportunities that helped us become the people we are, so while we remembered Jordan that day, we honored his legacy by opening the

Matt Brosko ('24) with Ianny Dimitrov ('05) and Tom Baumeister

door for others. The scholarship in Jordan's name helps families of strong character afford Haverford as a student and a wrestler. And so we gave back the sport we love, to Haverford, to a legacy we hope to uphold.

Also, we had fun! Mark Hill had a day, winning the longest drive as well as being a part of the winning team. As always, the Resnicks walked away with several raffle wins, and Dan Kennett also pulled in some prizes. No one drained the hole-in-one for the free car, so we'll all have to sharpen our swings for next years outing.

Thank you to the Baumeister family for your continued support, to the foundation's board for their tireless work, to the Haverford wrestling alumni and family that allow the foundation to continue doing great work for these families. To all who came and supported - thanks!

Haverford Wrestling Alumni

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Feb 18, 2020

Great article and thank you for all the Haverford School does for our son Jordan

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